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Pad Printing Process

Pad printing is the most versatile printing processes with its unique ability to print on three-dimensional objects and compound angles...

Pad Printing Machines

Learn more about our Pad Printing Machines. Whether it's new or used, we have a full line of Automatic Pad Printing Machines... [LEARN MORE]

Hot AIr Staking Machines

Hot Air

Hot Air Staking Machines Service Tectonics, Inc., a leader in the decorating and assembly of plastics...

Pad Printing Inks

Service Tectonics offers a full line of Pad Printing Inks. Check out our online chart of Ink Swatches...


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Pad Printing Network
At A Glance


The Pad Printing Network is brought to you by Service Tectonics, Inc. The purpose of this site is to provide information on the pad printing process, pad printing equipment, supplies, contract pad printing services, and technical assistance to both existing and potential pad printers.

Hot Stamping Machines

Hot Stamping

STI manufactures and sells Hot Stamping Presses. The mechanical action of the press incorporates a pair of rolling ball die-set bushes to ensure long, trouble free life.

Special Custom Pad Printing Machines

Special Custom Pad Printing 

Service Tectonics builds, designs, and manufactures special and custom pad printing machines to meet specific needs...

Other Custom Assembly Machines

Other Custom Assembly

We build Custom Assembly Machines to fit the specific needs of your application. We provide services in all areas of the process, from design to manufacture.

Pad Printing Pads

Pad Printing Pads

For use with any of our pad printing machines, STI sells pad printing pads in a variety of sizes and configurations, including conical shaped pads, roof top shaped pads, and loaf style pads.