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Steel Clichés
| Cliché Making Kits | Polymer Cliché Materials



Steel Clichés



STI can make mid run, thin steel, and long run 3/8", 10mm, steel clichés using your artwork or developing the artwork to your specifications. Below is a list of standard size clichés with pricing or an RFQ so that you may specify the size and layout. The RFQ will be e-mailed to us and we will send you a quote via e-mail or fax. STI is ready to help with your cliché needs.


Cliché Making Kits



Cliché Making Kit   


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This short run cliché making kit allows the pad printer to take his film positive artwork and make inexpensive short run clichés The kit includes a sheet of PG-300S cliché material, lab oven, exposure lamp, 18" cliché cutter, washout tray, 1 can of spray adhesive, and gallon of denatured ethyl alcohol. You can purchase individual items below.


Large Exposure Unit    


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This large exposure unit will expose your clichés up to 15" X 20". Good for those clichés used in your ink cup systems. This unit can expose polymer of mid run clichés



18" Cliché Cutter  

Pricing: Quote


This short run cliché cutter will cut the plates up up 18" long.




Developing Tray   

Pricing: Quote


This tray is used to develop the short run polymer clichés




Spray Adhesive   

Pricing: Quote


12 ounce can of 3M spray adhesive



Denatured Ethyl Alcohol  

Pricing: Quote


1 gallon of denatured ethyl alcohol 95%.





PG-300S Polymer Cliché Material   

Pricing: Quote


1 sheet, 15 3/4" X 31 1/2", PG300S short run polymer cliché material.




Polymer Cliché Materials



Polymer clichés are used for prototype printing and short production runs. STI sells three different types of polymer cliché materials, all in sheets so that you can cut them to the size you need. They are described below and you can click on "Add to Cart" to purchase.



PG-300S Cliché Material

Pricing: Quote


Sheet size: 15 3/4" X 31 1/2"
PG-300S is a single exposure alcohol wash plate that is our most popular polymer cliché material. It's .001" relief means that the etch depth will always be what you want and need. This material is used for straight etch fine line graphics and will last up to 2000 impressions with an open ink well and up to 10,000 impressions with a plastic ink cup.


SI-43 Cliché Material

Pricing: Quote


Sheet size: 21 1/2" X 25 1/2"
SI-43 cliché material is an alcohol wash plate that requires two exposures(second for line screen) and is good for larger solid areas and the etch depth can be varied with exposure time for optimum ink film deposit.


MDS-43 Cliché Material

Pricing: Quote


Sheet size: 16 1/2" X 23 1/2"
MDS-43 cliché material is a water wash plate that yields a .001" etch depth. Not as durable as the PG-300S material, this plate is good for prototype and very short run (up to 200) imprints.


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