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Pad Printing Supplies: Solvents, Hardeners and Additives

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Solvent Y - 1 Quart Quote

Solvent Y - 1 Gallon Quote

Solvent Y is used to thin all series of pad printing inks. This is a medium fast thinner.


Thinner 35353 - Quote per liter

Fastest thinner used for all series ink


Thinner 38571 - Quote per liter

Fastest thinner used for all series ink


Thinner 38472 - Quote per liter

Medium thinner used for all series inks


Thinner 35928 - Quote per liter

Slow thinner used for all series inks


Thinner 34392 - Quote per liter

Slower thinner used for all series inks


Thinner 35696 - Quote per liter

Special fast thinner used with glass and metal hardeners 100 VR, 1286 and 100 VR 1320


Amyl Acetate Thinner Quote

Amyl acetate is used as a thinner for all series of inks. It is a very fast thinner and should only be used when ink drying must be very quick.


102 Washup Quote

1 Gallon
102 washup is used to clean up ink trays, ink cups, pads and the machines after printing.


Hardeners (catalysts) 



37-172 Hardener Quote

37-172 hardener is used in 18, 380 and 10KK series inks.




SE-5214 Hardener Quote

SE-5214 hardener is used with 700 series inks.


100-VR-1286 Hardener Quote

100-VR-1286 hardener is used with 10KK inks for printing on glass or ceramics.


Ink Additives 




100-VR-1194 Matte Powder Quote

Used to make the ink have a matte finish, less glossy.


100-VR-1075 Primer Quote

100-VR-1075 Primer is used to pretreat PP and PE plastics, by wiping the parts, without the use of flame or corruna treating.


100-VR-1241 Anti-Static Quote

100-VR-1241 anti-static agent is added to the inks when high static conditions cause spider webbing when printing, primarily in the winter in the northern climates or very dry areas in the summer such as Arizona.


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